Improve customer service, and workshop profitability

The world, and your customers, live on the web. Appoint365 offers your customers a better way to interact with the dealership, and offers you tools to improve the efficiency and profitability of your service workshops.

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Appointment Board

Displays the day’s workshop appointments in real time on a television screen in the dealership waiting room.

A chime sound announces the next vehicle to be attended, and the TV screen updates to highlight the customer's name and vehicle details. Customers can see how their service appointment moves up on the board in real-time.

The Appointment Board can work in sync with DealerTablet (tablet application for vehicle check-in) and can integrate with the dealer management system (DMS) used by the dealership.

The Appointment Board (also known as a Greeter Board) can be customized with the dealer’s logo and with colors based on the brands they sell.

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Satisfied customers

The #1 frustration of customers who call the dealership to book a service appointment is phone wait.

With Appoint365, your customers can request a service appointment at any time and from anywhere without having to call the dealership.

And with just a few clicks they can also reprogram or cancel an appointment, which will help minimize no-shows.

Customers can also see descriptions and prices for each service that the dealership offers.

Mobile devices

Your customers are accustomed to buying products and services from their computer or mobile device, in real time, 24 x 7, and without phone wait.

With Appoint365 your customers can book service in the same way, by visiting the dealership website from their computer, smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), or tablet (iPad, Galaxy, etc.)

At the same time, dealership employees can use Appoint365 to book appointments made by your customers over the phone or personally at the dealership.

Appoint365 is a 100% web-based application: it does not require servers or software installed at the dealership.

More sales

Appoint365 helps you increase workshop sales in several ways:

With Appoint365 we can WOW the client with our dealership's value-added features, and this helps improve customer care and retention, and moves our brand to a premium level."

New customers

Now the dealership website will attract new customers. Appoint365 lets customers book workshop appointments at any time, including outside business hours. You'll also stop missing service sales due to phone calls that go unanswered especially during peak business hours.

More revenue per customer

With Appoint365 you can automatically include special promotions in each e-mail and SMS reminder. Services Advisors will also be freed of administrative tasks so they can spend more time with customers and offer them additional services.

Higher occupancy rate

Appoint365 includes several tools to help minimize no-shows and cancellations, such as automated e-mail and SMS reminders, Unconfirmed Appointment reports so you can call customers and confirm appointments, No-show reports so you can call customers and reschedule.

Instantly reprogram or cancel appointments

Your customers, or any dealership employee, can easily reprogram or cancel a service appointment. The customer will instantly receive an email and/or SMS text message confirming the change.

Email and SMS reminders and alerts

Automated reminders and alerts help ensure your customer shows up for their workshop appointment, and inform them that their vehicle is ready for pick-up.

Centralized schedule

Appoint365 centralizes the service appointments for all of your workshops, whether they are requested over the Internet, by phone, or at the dealership.

Integrates with your DMS

Through our Open API, Appoint365 can integrate with your auto dealer management system or the third-party software package used at the dealership.

Our Open API uses web services, the most modern technology for interchanging data in real-time between software systems.

DMS to Appoint365

Appoint365 can pull workshops, service advisors, technicians, brands and models from the dealer management system.

Appoint365 to DMS

Appoint365 can push appointment, customer and vehicle information to the dealer management system. Appoint365 is careful to not create duplicate customers and vehicles in the DMS.

The status of each Repair Order is kept synchronized between Appoint365 and your dealer management system at all times.


Appoint365 is fully configurable to work the way your dealership already works. You can configure multiple workshops, each one with its own business hours, services, prices, service advisors and technicians. You can indicate if you work with fixed or variable duration appointments (variable appointments depend on the times of services that are requested).

You can also choose the template that most closely matches the dealership look and feel.


Appoint365 automates many of the routine interactions with customers through e-mail and SMS reminders:

  • Automated confirmations
  • Service reminders
  • “Vehicle–ready” alerts

You can configure the text of each e-mail and SMS that the system sends, for example to add special messages and service promotions.

Advantages of Appoint365 over a web form

Many dealers feel they already offer Internet-based service appointment scheduling by offering a form on their website.

However, Appoint365 offers much more than a web form. Compare for yourself:

New customers, more revenue
With minimal marketing effort, you can expect to acquire new customers and achieve a higher workshop occupancy rate.
Web form appointment requests
A web form is not a premium service that can help capture new customers.
Reduces no-shows
Email and SMS reminders help customers remember their appointment.
Web form appointment requests
A web form does not offer tools to minimize no-shows.
Reschedule no-shows
Appoint365 offers tools to simplify rescheduling of customers who missed their appointment.
Web form appointment requests
A web form does not offer any tools to regain missed customer appointments.
Promotions and discounts
You can automatically include special promotions, discounts, and other marketing messages in email and SMS confirmations and reminders.
Web form appointment requests
A web form does not offer marketing tools.
Generates trust
Customers know at once that their appointment request was received by the dealership Service Department; in addition they receive email and/or SMS confirmations.
Web form appointment requests
Customers don't know what happens to their appointment request. In many cases they'll end up calling the dealership, which defeats the purpose of the web form.
Real-time workshop scheduling
Customers see workshop availability and can make reservations in real-time. They also receive immediate confirmations and vehicle-ready alerts, through email and text messages.
Web form appointment requests
Web form appointment requests require multiple back and forth e-mail and phone calls between the dealer and the customer. There is always a risk of not responding to customers.
Show services offered
Customers can see all possible services for their specific vehicle, and even pricing if the dealership wishes.
Web form appointment requests
Customers can't tell what services you offer, nor can they choose a specific service.
Intelligent timeslot management
Some services take longer than others. Customers will see exactly what timeslots are available based on the duration of the services they request.
Web form appointment requests
A web form does not allow intelligent or any kind of management of service appointments.
Frees up Service Advisors
Appoint365 frees up Service Advisors from administrative tasks related to daily scheduling, so they can spend more time with customers.
Web form appointment requests
A web form can mean more work for Service Advisors: they must respond to emails, make phone calls, and manually enter appointments into your management system.
Integrates with your DMS
Appoint365 pulls customer and vehicle information from the DMS (dealer management system). Appointments are added automatically into the DMS.
Web form appointment requests
Dealership staff must add appointments manually into the DMS.