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Dealer Networks

We work with manufacturers and dealer networks
to roll out Appoint365 as a unified solution.

Customer information

The OEM can access customer and vehicle date, as well as services performed.


Dealer finder

A mini-app on the Manufacturer website allows customers to choose the closest dealer.



Appoint365 can be used as a workshop scheduling tool by automotive, agricultural machinery, truck, motorcycle, heavy equipment, bus and RV dealers, and by service workshops.


Private label

Appoint365 can be provided as a fully branded solution for dealer networks:

  • Customized look and feel
  • Branded under the manufacturer’s preferred name, instead of “Appoint365”
  • Language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others


Training and support

We'll work with you to implement a roll-out strategy that can include pilot dealers, web-based training, development of new features, and specialized support for the dealer network.

Dealer performance

Workshop performance reports and dealer rankings based on diverse criteria.


Special pricing

Volume licensing is available for dealer groups.


Standardized information

The dealership network can share manufacturer-approved information:

  • Official or recommended services, with minutes for each service
  • Official pricing information for each service